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CINEMQ partnered with Love Bang last Thursday for CINEMQ 15:/跨//Transcend/, presenting a program of trans* and genderqueer stories. This month's mix of short film, documentary, animation and music video included several Shanghai premieres and was curated by guest programmer Gaspar Molin.

The night was also in support of Nanjing Trans Sanctuary, an organisation which provides shelter, medical advice and counseling to trans* people. We raised 1,480RMB for them, so thanks to everyone who came down and supported.

"In China, it is crucial for trans people to have a more understanding and inclusive environment from their families, their friends and in the work place. If we can improve these environments, their lives would be much easier," NTS said.

If you want to know more about the work of NTS, follow them on Wechat.

Words: CINEMQ Editors

Photos: Walsh, Alejandro Scott & 石头



CINEMQ is a queer short film screening + party series. It is run by a group of queers with too much on their mind to sit still for long. We’re publishing articles on queer cinema and screen culture every week. Want to contribute? Message our account.

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