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My Race Is Queer

From now on, I will say my sexuality is queer, and my race, too, is queer.

An Interview with filmmaker Stuart Gaffney

Stuart Gaffney is queer. He is also mixed race, half Chinese and half British and Irish. Where are the positive cultural icons for someone like him? His 2002 short film Transgressions addresses questions of identity and self-determination. Appropriating footage from popular culture, including scenes from M. Butterfly (David Cronenberg, 1993), the film meditates on the transgressive, interracial love of his parents, and on his own transgressive same-sex attraction, both illegal in their time, as Stuart seeks to craft and invent a story and a culture for himself and for other mixed race LGBTQ people.

Stuart Gaffney is a filmmaker and LGBTQ marriage equality activist. He is a founder of Marriage Equality USA, and was one of the main plaintiffs in the historic 2008 legal action which found California's ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. He and his husband John Lewis speak to audiences around the world about advancing LGBTQ equality.

You can watch Transgressions online here:

Words: CINEMQ Editors

Translation: Will Dai



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