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CINEMQ in Scotland

CINEMQ will be traveling to Glasgow in Scotland on December 6th for Scottish Queer International Film Festival, one of the UK's leading LGBTQ film events. SQIFF this year has a special focus on East Asia, and will be screening such recent releases as transgender triptych Alifu, The Prince/ss and steamy gay drama The Story Of The Stone.

As part of the festival, we will be presenting a series of gender-queer short films by filmmakers from Greater China to accompany the festival screening of our documentary Extravaganza. Do you have friends in Scotland? Tell them to come and say hello on December 6th at CCA in Glasgow! The full SQIFF programme can be found at, but here's a taste of the films we're presenting.

《莲花灯》 Lotus Lantern Xingpei Shen, 2017

An animated tribute to the late singer Zhou Xuan, a missing link between filmmaker’s queer identity and Chinese heritage. Director Xingpei Shen's charming and sensual film was recently announced as a long-list contender for Best Animated Short at the American Academy Awards.

The Decision of Riley Yue Xia, 2017

Riley was born with a female body, but has always been confused about her gender identity. One day, she discovers a simple way to witch up her biology.

《尚未完结》 Unfinished

Siufung Law, 2013

Siufung attempts to formulate transgender subjectivity by retelling his own gender struggle through poetry and experimental video. Director Siufung Law is and athlete and one of Hong Kong's most visible advocates for transgender rights.

《再见B先生,你好B女士!》Goodbye Mr. B, Hello Miss B! Beatrice Wong, 2015

Beatrice records her experiences of gender confirmation surgery, and meditates on what it means to be a woman in this honest and very entertaining autobiographical documentary.

《海上良宵》 Blooming Night Bell Zhong, 2017

A young man is compelled to follow a mysterious, glamorous older woman, through the backstreets of Shanghai to the city’s infamous Lai Lai Dancehall, a club for older gay men...we're excited to be supporting Bell Zhong's Blooming Night as part of the SQIFF Opening Night Gala.



CINEMQ is a queer short film screening + party series. It is run by a group of queers with too much on their mind to sit still for long. We’re publishing articles on queer cinema and screen culture every week. Want to contribute? Message our account or email

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