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Dreams + Nightscapes: 'Queer' Asia x CINEMQ

We find each other in dreams. In cinemas and streets, in half-forgotten spaces, eyes bright and shadow-boxed as cheeks run black with rain. Queer visions in the dark. CINEMQ presents a selection of short films from across Asia exploring dream, desire, and nightscapes, as part of our collaboration with 'Queer' Asia. From 17th June to July 22nd, catch screenings and discussions in London and Warwick, UK with filmmakers and practitioners working in LGBTQ activism, community and arts in Asia and Asian diasporas.

Dreams + Nightscapes will screen 3.30pm - 5.00pm at Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum, London WC1B 3DG. Events are free, but registration is required. Visit to register for tickets.

They Won’t Let A Dream Come True

Shumaila Kanwal | Pakistan

The world outside / Always wants some reason / For something new / For a dream to come true

Aren't We Here For Each Other

Gilb Baldoza | Philippines

Romance endures violence as a couple celebrates their anniversary against the backdrop of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Things I Would Say To My Mom If Only I Were Brave Enough

James Allen Fajardo | Philippines

Filmmaker James Allen Fajardo recalls his childhood before his mother left him to work abroad, and all the things he wished he could have told her about his burgeoning sexuality.


Romi Kim | Canada

Whispers of queerness in a young woman's coming out story, an intimate narrative that holds her first kiss, first love and feelings of exclusions. She navigates and explores both the negativity around the word ‘queer,’ and her struggle to identify within it.

I Am / Yalani Dream | YaliniDream & Krissy Mahan


Artist YaliniDream - Lankan Tamil Blood, Manchester-Born, Texas-Bred and Brooklyn-Brewed - performs a poem of refugee/migrant love for the self and the world, through dance and a hiphop beat.


Sui-hin Mak | Hong Kong

An experimental montage.

The Mute

Pham Thien An | Vietnam

The night before her wedding, a woman seeks out her ex-girlfriend for the last time.

Do It Again

Hsin Hsuan Yeh | Taiwan

Not knowing who I am and what should I do, floating in the air, I am a bear in the mortal world. I always wander in the dead-end road, swinging back and forth between disgust and joy. When will I face my own desires without hating myself?

Care For You


Romance blossoms when two souls cross paths in a late-night diner. A tender and surreal meditation on expressions of love.

Make Up Your Mind

Miguel Badiola Borje | Hong Kong

How do we determine the value of others, who has the right to decide a person’s worth? Two dancers move through a desolate building in this short film dedicated to the Filipinos of Hong Kong.

Chromosome Sweetheart

Honami Yano | Japan

Running into your ex can trigger a flood of bittersweet memories, but the world brims with with new and complex ways to love.

Two Snakes

Kristin Li | Canada

An experimental animation and documentary about diasporic desires for foundational myths. Seeking a home in reclaiming ones' ancestry and seeking a self in reappropriated narratives. What is found is an identity, one that is fragmented, but open.

Amateur Dramatics

Linnea Ritland | Canada

Two actors competing for the same role find truth in a moment of pretending.



CINEMQ is a queer short film screening + party series. It is run by a group of queers with too much on their mind to sit still for long. We’re publishing articles on queer cinema and screen culture every week. Want to contribute? Message our account or email

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