Queer Screen Chitchat Ep. 2: Trans+ Representation


Queer stories are more visible than ever on the big screen, and yet marginalized and minority genders are still rare and grossly underrepresented. Why is trans and non-binary gender representation in film important? How can we advocate for its development and support diverse voices and representation on screen? Tune in to SHCRAD.IO on May 5th at 9pm for CINEMQ presents Queer Screen Chitchat, when we will take on the topic of gender representation on the queer screen.


Episode 2 will be broadcast in Chinese. 



"酷儿荧屏二三事 Queer Screen Chitchat" is a weekly China-based conversation on queer screen culture, with a focus on Asia and Asian diasporas. We'll be covering issues affecting LGBTQ communities, talking to filmmakers about how they are telling stories from their communities, and exploring the role that screens play in shaping the lives and expressions of queer people in China today.



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