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Performing Gender: 'Queer' Asia x CINEMQ

Through the lens of gender, the authentic self is performance. Coded binary yet molded fluid, dictated by society yet defined by the individual. CINEMQ presents a series of films exposing the edges of gender definition and boundaries of expression in familiar and unexpected ways.

CINEMQ presents Performing Gender as part of our collaboration with 'Queer' Asia. From 17th June to July 22nd, catch screenings and discussions in London and Warwick, UK with filmmakers and practitioners working in LGBTQ activism, community and arts in Asia and Asian diasporas.

Join us after the screening for a discussion with drag artists Jason Kwan (The Bitten Peach) and Whiskey Chow.

Performing Gender will screen 13.30pm - 15.00pm at Stevenson Lecture Theatre, The British Museum, London WC1B 3DG. Events are free, but registration is required. Visit to register for tickets.

Neyna's Diary

Eugene Chin | Myanmar

Neyna, who took her name from a demigod in a storybook, recounts memories of her parents, her life and her close encounter with death.

Lady Eva

Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson | Tonga

A brave young transgender woman sets off on a journey to become her true self in the conservative Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga - with a little inspiration from Tina Turner along the way.

Not Acceptable

Saman Haghighivand | Iran

A young trans man reaches into his identity, but at the risk of losing his family.

Feminist Voices Funeral and Disco Memorial Party

Feminist Voices | China

When Feminist Voices, China most prominent feminist media organisation, was banned on International Women’s Day 2018, a group of activists mourn its loss with a disco party on a grave.

3 Minutes Me and Myself

Chen Qiu | China

Artist and filmmaker Chen Qiu explores the relationship between her body, her camera and herself.


Vonne Patiag | Australia

A young Filipino boy in Western Sydney gets an enchanting crash-course in his homeland culture when his uncle reveals himself to be a cross-dresser in the ‘Bakla’ tradition.


Aditya Dawar | India

This film portrays a reality of the wrestlers in which they are belittled in contrast to their strength and masculinity and are stuck as puppets in a play in a constant recurring cycle of fighting and tiring and preparing to fight again. Where the dark nature of the fighting is rather showcased as frivolous and insignificant.

Boys Of Hong Kong

Luke Casey | Hong Kong

A sensual exploration of maleness, and of new articulations of masculinity, among the youth of Hong Kong.

Blooming Night

Bell Zhong | China

Mesmerized by a pair of red heels, a lonely street guy in Shanghai follows its owner into a forbidden club. There, he discovers something that challenges, yet awakens his mind. This short is inspired by the real underground elder LGBTQ community in Shanghai.



CINEMQ is a queer short film screening + party series. It is run by a group of queers with too much on their mind to sit still for long. We’re publishing articles on queer cinema and screen culture every week. Want to contribute? Message our account or email

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